When you look at an employee’s calendar (or your own), it’s pretty clear to see what people are up to. This is because when people set a meeting, or block some time, they give the calendar entry a meaningful description. We all know what they typically look like:

  • Steve + Sarah 1:1
  • Daily Stand-up
  • Monthly All-hands

..and so on. While calendar entries are intended to reserve time, each of them is also a record of some activity that the meeting participants are engaged in.

Meeting Metrix allows you to define simple, yet powerful pattern matching rules that derive structured activities from unstructured meeting titles. This drastically improves the signal-to-noise ratio and gives a clear line of sight into who is doing what.

Combine Activities with our Third Parties party feature to really start understanding what is happening in your organization. No need to deploy some draconian time tracking tool. No need to adopt a new process. In just minutes you can begin to answer the most important question in your organization: Where is people’s time going?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting Metrix levarages data stored in your calendar platform. We extract this data from the backend so your users don’t need to change what they are doing. You configure the access for our platform and within minutes, data starts flowing into the tool.
We currently support Google Workspace and Office 365 (Outlook).
No. We only require, and insist upon, read-only access.
No. Meeting Metrix is not a free service and, as such, your data is your data. We don’t sell it to anyone.
Yes. MeetingMeetix was built by a team of seasoned technology professionals well versed in running highly secure, highly available, SaaS platforms. Data is encrypted at REST and in transit in addition to host of other measures you would expect from an enterprise grade SaaS platform.