Often the memes say it best

Often the memes say it best
Posted on February 11, 2023 | By Alex Tsepetis

Even though we have mostly been in stealth mode while we get our act together, a few close friends and colleagues are aware of what we are up to. One of them forwarded me this the other day and I nearly fell out of my chair. That’s exactly what we have been talking about and, more importantly, building! Or to be more accurate: Have built!

The idea is pretty simple. You have people in a meeting, those people are usually paid to be there, so the meeting has a cost associated with it. Let’s step through it:

  • There are 3 people in a meeting.
  • They each make say $50/hour.
  • The meeting runs for 1 hour.
  • 3 ppl x $50/hr x 1hr = $150

I mean it’s not rocket science. We don’t claim to be curing cancer here, but the fact that this information IS available but NOT part of how we manage our time feels off to us. That’s why we’ve built what we’ve built. That’s why we’re continuing to build what we’re building.

This notion of meetings and cost is at the heart of where we started. As we move through and talk to more people we are learning more about what we can mine out of a team’s calendar data. However, the fact that this screen mock made the rounds and even got picked up by some news sites tells us we are on to something here.

Learn what meetings are costing you and what else you can glean from your calendar data by signing up for Meeting Metrix today.